For Us, Quality
Comes Naturally

For a quarter of a century, Global Healing has led the natural supplement industry with a relentless commitment to purity, quality, and sustainability. We’ve furthered our mission to empower people to take control of their health naturally through continual innovation, which is the foundation of everything we do.

From beginning to the end,
we take pride in what we do.

Excellence Begins
with Innovative Engineering

Elevating Manufacturing Integrity

Nowhere is our dedication to next-level quality and doing whatever’s possible to maximize the potency and purity of our products more evident than in our manufacturing process.

World-class Facility

Our facility has one of the only state-of-the-art, pollutant-destroying air purification systems in the world, and we use only silicone/platinum tubing to prevent potential toxic phthalates or plastic compounds leaching into our products.

Where Artistry Meets Science

Our manufacturing techniques are second to none, like triple-distilling water and using cold press extraction so heat doesn’t disrupt the raw nutrition of herbs.

Purity Standards
in Every Phase

For more on the detailed steps we take to bring you the best, visit our FAQs.

We develop and formulate innovative products that offer the best supplements in the industry, hands down. We research and create superior formulations of vitamins, minerals, and nutritional compounds. From sourcing ingredients to shipping, we ensure absolute quality every step of the way. But the proof is always in the details, so here are some important ones.

  • Innovative Extraction Technology

    We invented nano-glycerspereric extraction technology.

  • Non-toxic Solutions

    We never use alcohol, gluten, soy, toxic additives, fillers, binders, excipients, dairy, or any toxic chemicals for our production.

  • We use organic and Non-GMO

    We use organic and Non-GMO certifications whenever possible.

  • Best materials available.

    We don’t look for the cheapest material; we search for the best material, using the highest quality and high life force raw ingredients.

  • High Quality Raw Ingredients

    We search for the best material, using the highest quality and high life force raw ingredients.

Featured Ingenuity

Raw Herbal Extract™

Reviving Ancient Alchemy

Our groundbreaking Raw Herbal Extract Technology is a perfect example of our commitment to innovation. Many have attempted to recreate the process of ancient alchemists who understood how nutrients could be concentrated with the five elements of nature — water, earth, air, fire, and ether. After 10 years of research and development, Global Healing succeeded in recreating this process, unlocking the full healing potential of herbs and revolutionizing botanical extraction.

Our Raw Herbal Extract process is both thorough and gentle, and results in the best liquid extractions on the market. We use no heat, alcohol, or harsh chemicals. As a result, these formulas are raw, all-natural, potent, and ideal for supporting optimal health and wellness. They're so pure that you can actually taste the complete profile of natural aromas, flavors, and essence of the plant — just as if you picked it fresh from the earth.

How Raw Herbal Extracts Are Made

Producing Raw Herbal Extracts is a long, specialized process that requires extreme attention to detail at every step in order to produce the most effective therapeutic solutions available.

Top Quality

The first step in crafting a Raw Herbal Extract is acquiring pure, fresh ingredients. To accomplish this, we work with small, organic farms and producers who use eco-friendly practices. Each is either certified organic or naturally grown in the wild and harvested in harmony with nature away from harmful pesticides.


In a multi-step, cold-processed extraction, the plant’s active constituents are carefully combined with organic vegetable glycerin and triple-distilled water. These liquid elements preserve and encapsulate the essence of the plant's powerful healing nature.


A proprietary cold filtering process is then used to purify the formula. We're one of the only organic supplement companies in the world with advanced technology that filters the liquid product without generating heat; this preserves the delicate constituents of the herbs.

The Special Touch:

In the final and integral step, the liquid extraction is made more bioavailable, balanced, and stable with the addition of ORMUS Supercharged Minerals — a unique blend of activated, crystallized, alkaline salts we meticulously craft using methods that ancient alchemists developed more than a thousand years ago.

How Raw Herbal Extracts
Are Better for Your Health


The sustained cold-extraction process helps to preserve and keep all of the plant’s components intact. This means that the final product tastes and smells like it was harvested fresh from nature. There are slight color, smell, taste, and consistency variations from one batch to another that serve as a proud reminder of its natural authenticity.

Pure ™ Potent

Raw Herbal Extracts are more pure and potent than any other extract on the market. The heat- and alcohol-free extraction preserves the plant's delicate, beneficial compounds and the advanced filtration ensures it's as fresh and effective as possible. Every batch is quality tested and packaged in amber glass bottles to protect the product from UV and heat damage.


Potency is meaningless unless your body can absorb and use the nutrients. Energized trace minerals have an ionic charge that increases chemical reactions in the body. Adding them to the formula enhances its ability to enter the cells in your body. This elevated bioavailability means you’re better able to experience its full therapeutic value.

Packaging with a Purpose

Quality, Purity, and Eco-Stewardship

As part of our commitment to purity and quality – and the environment – we pack and ship our products in the most sustainable way possible to respect the earth and reduce our carbon footprint.

In addition to packaging our products in recyclable glass bottles to ensure potentially toxic plastic byproducts don’t come in contact with our supplements, we use recycled materials for packaging that you can, in turn, easily compost or recycle.

Every. Step. Matters.