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Liquid Boron

Liquid Boron

Trace Mineral for Total Body Wellness

Boron is a naturally occurring trace mineral found in fresh fruits and vegetables proven to play a crucial role in bone growth and maintenance, wound healing, hormone function, inflammation response, brain health, and longevity. Our revolutionary, high-vibrational Liquid Boron supplement is an effortless way to ensure your body has enough of this essential micronutrient to enjoy its incredible range of therapeutic benefits.

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A Boron supplement is ideal for anyone with a diet low in fruits and vegetables and anyone interested in using natural supplements to support whole-body vitality and long-term health.

Shake bottle well. Use dropper to measure 1 mL (or as recommended by your healthcare provider). Squeeze Liquid Boron directly into mouth or combine with your favorite beverage to mask the flavor.

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Uniquely Made MicroSomal Technology Advanced Supplementation Delivery

Our MicroSomal™ Technology uses glycerosomes to help beneficial microscopic structures, like Boron, penetrate internal barriers that otherwise deter ideal supplement absorption. This means that smaller doses of Liquid Boron can have a more significant impact on your overall health and wellness.

The Benefits How Boron Leads to a Better You.

Bone Growth and Maintenance

Boron has the remarkable ability to reduce calcium loss and enhance magnesium absorption, two important factors in keeping bones strong and healthy.

Faster Wound Healing

Boron activates enzymes in fibroblasts that are critical for wound healing. A Boron supplement can help you quickly get back to your favorite activities if an accident ever occurs.

Hormone Regulation

A once-daily Boron supplement is a simple way for men and women to support healthy estrogen and testosterone levels, particularly during later stages of life.

Made With Clean, Pure, Premium Ingredients

Vegan-Friendly | GMO- Free | Gluten-Free | No animal testing

Our Boron is sourced from calcium fructoborate, found in fresh fruits, vegetables, and other edible plants. Its chemical structure is similar to other forms of naturally occurring Boron, such as bis-mannitol, bis-sorbitol, bis-fructose, and bis-sucrose borate complexes.

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The Story Behind Boron

Owner and innovator Dr. Richard Olree, DC, is a world-leading expert on how organic and inorganic minerals act within the body. He is dedicated to helping people heal themselves with minerals, supplements, and food, and he possesses extensive knowledge of Iodine, Selenium, and – his favorite mineral – Boron.
According to Dr. Olree, Boron plays a key role in nearly all reactions and pathways in the body. He had the vision to harness the power of Boron into a supplement that would effortlessly support strength, recovery, and overall well-being.

Aware that the standard American diet lacks sufficient Boron levels, our founder, Dr. Group, enthusiastically embarked on this ambitious project alongside Dr. Olree. The past year has been devoted to developing the world's first and finest MicroSomal™ Boron supplement.

Global Healing is thrilled to present Liquid Boron, the most effective, potent, and bioavailable Boron supplement on the market and the ultimate no-brainer for your body's wellness and longevity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Children Take It?


Can Pregnant or Nursing Women Take It?

No, it is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.

What is boron good for?

Boron is a trace element that plays a role in the metabolism of certain nutrients, such as calcium and magnesium. Some studies have suggested potential health benefits of boron, including its involvement in bone health and joint function.

Is boron plant-based?

Our Boron is from calcium fructoborate, which is chemically similar to boron found naturally in plants.

Who should take boron?

Boron supplementation may be considered for individuals with dietary restrictions or specific health concerns, such as bone health or athletic performance.

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