Empower Natural Healing

Empower Natural Healing

“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

Hippocrates, “Father of Medicine”, 460–377 BC

Global Healing Began
with a Simple Philosophy

If you cleanse your body of accumulated toxins and embark on your wellness journey at your own pace, your body will start to heal itself.
The human body has remarkable self-healing abilities. Adept at repairing injuries, combating infections, and restoring physiological balance, we innately have everything we need to be well. Yet today’s modern world poses various challenges, such as limited access to quality foods and the presence of environmental toxins, that hinder our capacity for healing. Still, a dormant potential lies within each of us – and we are on a mission to activate it.
Established in 1998 by Dr. Edward Group, DC, Global Healing disrupts conventional recovery methods by targeting the root cause, not just the symptoms. We've grown from a modest 200-square-foot wellness clinic with just two employees into an international champion for holistic living. Global Healing is here to guide your journey to whole-body wellness with natural vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, skincare, and detox protocols.
We believe that knowledge and nature are all we need to heal. We’re on a neverending mission to empower the world with information about how the body works and deliver pure & potent supplements that support optimal functioning.

We Are Your Healing Partner

Healing is a daily practice, not an end goal. We stand ready to support your journey at every stage as you teach your body to heal itself and pave the way for a brighter, healthier future. Nurture your wellness one day at a time to reach your fullest potential.
Every Day, A Better You.


Pure & potent supplements meticulously crafted from premium ingredients that burst with energic healing essence. Our revolutionary manufacturing process results in the most bioavailable formulations on the market.



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Our Customer Satisfaction Team pledges their expertise to support and guide you. We are always here to answer questions or recommend a product that aligns with your wellness journey.

Global Healing
Starts at Home

Healing comes in many forms. We firmly believe that giving back is one of the most valuable ways to support the health of our planet, community, and fellow humans. Our company would not exist without natural resources, so we support local and national sustainable and organic farming initiatives, reforestation projects, and similar non-profit organizations.

The Power Is in Your Hands