Wellness is
Our Art

The Pursuit of Mastery

Since 1998, Global Healing has led the natural supplement industry with a relentless commitment to purity, quality, and sustainability. We approach our craft with the same passion as master artisans whose timeless works are their legacies. We alchemize raw materials into formulations that make health more accessible for all, as is our duty.

Our ceaseless curiosity brings us to explore ancient philosophies, traditional herbal wisdom, and modern technologies that have yet to be realized. It’s this dedication to questioning the echoes of the past and challenging the status quo that drives our continuous innovation.

Global Healing is not just our name–it’s our mission. And creating potent supplements is not simply what we do–it’s our purpose.


Fearlessly Potent Formulas

In a world filled with bold claims that chase mass appeal, we are only in pursuit of quality that speaks for itself. We harness the full power of plants in their raw form so that every bottle tastes and smells like freshly harvested herbs. We don’t believe in adding unnecessary ingredients that mask the true nature of our formulas. Pure and potent supplements with superior bioavailability and unmatched efficacy – that’s our promise, and we always deliver.


Unwavering Standards at Every Step

We take pride in our rigorous approach, from the meticulous selection of pure ingredients to our precision manufacturing, sustainable packaging, and an unmatched satisfaction guarantee. Take control of your health with confidence in knowing that each one of our supplements is a testament to our uncompromising values.


Pure Ingredients

We search the world for the highest quality ingredients, working with small farms that lovingly grow wildcrafted and organic herbs. Like us, our partners view their work as an art, and they strive for mastery in every aspect. Many of our sources are certified USDA organic, and all are GMO-free.


Advanced Quality Control

Nothing goes into production unless it passes our rigorous testing process. We hand-review every batch of ingredients in our Phoenix facility and choose only those that meet our stringent specifications. A third party with industry-leading equipment then tests for proper plant identification, potency levels, microbial presence, and heavy metal content.


Precision Engineering

We don’t prioritize output – we put potency and purity above all else. Our Raw Herbal Extract™ process is one example of the careful love and attention we put into every liquid formulation. Each one of our supplements is made in a state-of-the-art facility in Phoenix, Arizona, which has one of the only pollutant-destroying air purification systems in the world. We strictly use non-plastic components to protect our products (and you) from potentially toxic compounds.


Earth-Friendly Packaging

Global Healing wouldn’t be possible without nature, so we do everything we can to respect the earth and reduce our carbon footprint. Everything from our containers to packaging materials is recyclable or compostable, and we utilize glass vessels to protect the environment from plastics and other potentially toxic compounds.

A Year to Love It Guarantee

The gold emblem on our label symbolizes complete confidence in our products. But we’re not happy unless you are. We back every product with a Year to Love It Guarantee. Our Customer Satisfaction team will be at your beck and call to address questions and concerns about your new supplement regimen.

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