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  • Earn up to 20% Bonuses on Select Products
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Thank You for Considering the Global Healing Affiliate Program

Earn commissions on more than 60 high-quality products, including dietary supplements, organic skincare products, complete cleansing systems, and ebooks about maximizing health.


Each application is reviewed within 24 hours after submission. We do not accept websites that claim to cure disease, give medical advice, sub-affiliate networks, or coupon sites. We only accept websites that are on-brand with Global Healing and have an established presence.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to join your affiliate program?

Global Healing's affiliate program is free to join. There are no hidden fees, and you may opt-out anytime you wish.

How much commission do you pay?

The commission depends on the product, but it can range from five to 10 percent. You have the potential to make up to 20 percent from bonuses on certain products.

Can I refer myself?

The short answer is no. If you join our affiliate program solely to refer yourself, your affiliate account will be terminated, and no commissions for those sales will be awarded.

If you plan on buying our products to sell in your store, please apply to our distributor program.

I reside outside the US, can I become an affiliate?

Yes, you can still become an affiliate! We welcome affiliates from most countries around the world. There are affiliates and distributors in 37 countries promoting Global Healing products. Please check the country list on the sign-up page to see if yours is eligible.

When and how do you send out affiliate payments?

Commissions accrued are paid to affiliates depending on their withdrawal settings in the program. You can change your payment choices in your dashboard by navigating to Finance > Withdrawal Settings > Payment Scheduling.

Affiliates can be paid when they reach the required minimum amount of $50 or on a predetermined date of the 1st or 15th of every month. We will hold your payment until your account reaches at least $50.

Does Global Healing utilize third-party cookies?

Yes, Global Healing does use third-party tracking cookies. You can find out more about our cookie policy here.

Where do I refer visitors to?

You can direct visitors to our home page using your unique affiliate ID and banners found in your affiliate account.

Can I link directly to product pages?

Yes. When you log in to your affiliate account you will have the ability to copy & paste links to product pages that include your affiliate ID.

How much commission do you pay?

The commission depends on the product and is based on cost and markup. We offer commissions on almost all of our product catalog. Please click here to login to your account to view your signed contracts with us.

My question is not answered here. How can I find the answer?

Please contact us below.

Current Affiliates

How do I get paid? Step 1 of 2: Filling out your withdrawal settings.

How do I get paid? Step 2 of 2: Submitting your tax information.

How can I obtain banners, graphics, and sales copy?

Log in to your affiliate account to obtain banners, graphics, and links.

What if I've lost my username and password?

Click here to request a new password.

How do I make a product specific link?

How can I view my commissions and sales?

My question is not answered here. How can I find the answer?

Please contact us below.

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