Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleanse Program™

Detox Your Body from Chemicals and Heavy Metals

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The Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleanse Program is designed to detoxify your body of harmful chemicals and heavy metals. Exposure to toxic chemicals and metals is a daily occurrence and, once in the body, they multiply the production of harmful free radicals that impair cell and organ function, leading to health concerns. 

  • Flushes Chemical and Metal Toxins

  • Supports Thyroid Health

  • Promotes a Clean & Healthy Digestive System

  • Year to Love It — One Year Money-Back Guarantee

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What Is the Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleanse Program?

Chemicals and heavy metals are everywhere. From lead and pesticides in water to plastic chemicals in food, it seems like exposure to these toxins is unavoidable. But there is a solution.

The Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleanse Program is a comprehensive plan to detox the body of harmful chemicals and metals. The program includes Detoxadine nascent iodine, which cleanses the thyroid of toxic halogens like fluoride, chlorine, and bromide; Zeotrex, our herbal formula to cleanse heavy metals; and Detox Foot Pads, which use reflexology to draw toxins out through the soles of the feet.

Safe, gentle, and convenient, the 30-day Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleanse Program will give your health and wellness a much-needed boost. Best of all, it includes a free, VIP support session with our Customer Satisfaction Team. They’ll help you get started so you can cleanse your body, enhance your well-being, and take care of your health naturally!

Health Benefits of the Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleanse Program

The Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleanse Program is the most effective natural solution for detoxification.

Detoxes Chemicals & Heavy Metals

The toxic byproducts of industrial advancement are everywhere, which makes them hard to avoid. This program is designed to keep those harmful pollutants from building up in your body.

Helps You Beat Fatigue

Chemicals and heavy metals weigh you down more than most other types of toxins. Getting them out of your body can help bring things back to equilibrium, including your energy levels.

Encourages Mental Wellness

Heavy metals have a huge effect the brain, impairing cognitive function and affecting your mood. This program clears away the obstructions so you stay sharp and feel like yourself.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need the Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleanse Program

Supports Digestive Health – Son with his arms wrapped around his mother
Supports Digestive Health

Chemicals and heavy metals affect gut microorganisms. Cleansing restores healthy digestion.

Strengthens the Immune System – Man hiking in wooded hills
Strengthens the Immune System

Chemical toxins weigh down your immune system. Performing a cleanse frees those resources.

Promotes Clear, Healthy Skin – Middle-aged standing outdoors smiling
Promotes Clear, Healthy Skin

Skin blemishes can be caused by internal toxins. A cleanse can help give a glowing complexion.

Boosts Overall Well-Being – Young man on his mobile phone at a coffee shop
Boosts Overall Well-Being

This cleanse can deter chemicals and heavy metals from affecting all aspects of your health.

Encourages Thyroid Health – Woman standing outdoors with eyes closed and head tilted back under a tree and enjoying the sunlight
Encourages Thyroid Health

This program includes nascent iodine to purge the thyroid of toxic halogens like fluoride.

Not a day goes by where you don’t hear about chemical and heavy metal pollution. It seems like contaminated water is the norm, exposure to lead is growing, and plastic byproducts are everywhere. Fortunately, the Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleanse Program is a glimmer of hope. It'll cleanse your body of chemical toxins to support your health from head to toe!

Dr. Edward Group

What's in the Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleanse Program

Zeotrex (1 fl oz) - Bottle


2 Bottles

Zeotrex is a liquid formula made with all-natural ingredients that support the body in cleansing itself of chemicals and heavy metals.

Detoxadine (1 fl oz) - Bottle


1 Bottle

Detoxadine is organic, deep-earth-sourced nascent iodine. It helps to displace toxic halogens like fluoride and bromine from the thyroid.

Detox Foot Pads (10 Count) - Front

Detox Foot Pads

30 sets

Detox Foot Pads are natural and easy-to-use foot patches that use principles of reflexology to detoxify chemical toxins through the soles of the feet.

Detox Foot Pads Adhesives


30 sets

The advanced, carbon-titanium adhesives secure the Detox Foot Pads to your feet and ensure that they stay in place throughout the night.

Detailed Instructions (Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleanse Program)

Detailed Instructions

The Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleanse Program includes easy-to-follow instructions. If you have questions, reach out. We want to help you!


What's Not in the Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleanse Program

No Alcohol Alcohol
No Harsh Chemicals Harsh Chemicals
No Dairy Dairy
No Gluten Gluten
No Soy Soy
No Toxic Additives Toxic Additives

Why the Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleanse Program Is Different

The 30-day Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleanse Program is an advanced plan for deep, thorough cleansing.

Our Product
Other similar products
Comprehensive Approach

The products in the Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleanse Program work synergistically to perform an efficient, deep purge of chemical and heavy metal toxins.

Bundled Products

Most “kits” for cleansing chemicals and metals are not designed with purpose. They typically feature multiple bottles of the same product and don’t include foot pads.

Quality Assured

Zeotrex and Detoxadine are made at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Detox Foot Pads are manufactured by Kenrico, an innovator in advanced natural healthcare.

Unknown Origin

The majority of nutritional supplement companies purchase pre-made products of unreliable quality from bulk production warehouses and simply change the label.

Free, VIP Support

This program includes a VIP support session with our award-winning Customer Satisfaction Team. Get advice from a trained professional who will help you succeed!

Figure It Out By Yourself

For many companies, once they have your money, you’re on your own. Very few even provide a phone number, much less a live, trained person on the other end.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand by our products. That’s why the Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleanse Program is backed by our Year to Love It guarantee. If you don’t like it, we’ll refund your money.

Satisfaction? Good Luck

Unfortunately, a lot of companies put profits first and don’t provide a money-back guarantee. If they do, they usually require you to pay for the return shipping (we don’t).


Dr. Group's Advanced Tips for Success

Replace Your Fillings

Amalgam fillings contain mercury that can leak into the body. If you have amalgam fillings, find a natural dentist who can replace them with mercury-free alternatives.

Strengthen Your Gut

The microbiota in your digestive tract is susceptible to damage from heavy metals. An advanced probiotic like Floratrex® can provide extra support to strengthen your gut.

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