Live Healthy Rewards™ Program FAQ

What is the Live Healthy™ Rewards program?

Live Healthy™ Rewards is Global Healing’s loyalty program. It’s our way to show appreciation to our loyal customers. The program is FREE to join.

How do I become a Live Healthy™ Rewards member?

Joining Live Healthy™ Rewards is simple! Create an account at You'll get 10 points just for signing up. If you already have an account with us, you are already a member. Each time you come back, log in to track your progress and transaction history so you can use your points.

How does it work?

We automatically track the points you earn every time you shop with us. Make sure you log in before you shop online so you can earn points on purchases. Once you have enough points you can redeem for a discount or a free product from the Live Healthy™ Rewards page and your customer account page.

Do my points expire?

The points you accrue don't expire as long as you shop and earn Live Healthy™ Rewards points. However, after 6 months of rewards account inactivity, all points within the account will expire.

How do I check my point balance?

Once logged in, you can check your point balance on both the Live Healthy™ Rewards page and your customer account page.

How do I earn points?

You’ll earn points on each dollar you spend with Global Healing, excluding shipping fees and taxes. Please allow 48 hours for your points to appear on your account page. Points can only be earned on products purchased on For more ways to earn points, visit

How do I use my points to redeem rewards?

You can redeem your points for discounts on both one-time purchases or your upcoming recurring subscription. To redeem a discount, you can either go to the Live Healthy™ Rewards page or your customer account page and find the 'How to use your points' or 'Redeem for Subscription Discount' section. Choose your discount and click 'Redeem'. Copy and paste the code during your checkout and the discount will apply. Alternatively, once you are ready to checkout, you can simply head straight to the checkout page and select the discount of your preference. Please note, subscription discount options are not available with this option.

You can also redeem your points for free products. To redeem a product, you can either go to the Live Healthy™ Rewards page or your customer account page and find the 'Redeem for Products' section. Based on your loyalty tier (Green, Silver or Gold), you will have three to nine products available for redemption. Choose the product you want and click 'Redeem Now'. Once you've confirmed your selection, the free product will automatically be added to your cart. Points will be deducted after you complete your order. If you don't complete your order, the points will be added back to your balance.

Discounts are not eligible for any shipping fees or taxes.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-476-0016.

I can't log into my account! What should I do?

At the login screen, click "Forgot Password?" to reset your password. From there, you'll need to verify your email address and you’ll receive an email that will lead you through the process to get you back into your account. If you still have issues, please email us at [email protected].

Can I transfer or merge my points between two separate accounts?

While you can accrue points on two or more separate accounts (depending on which account you're logged in with), you cannot transfer or merge points.

How do I access exclusive access to sales, offers and first access to Global Healing events?

For Live Healthy™ Rewards members, the exclusive offers will be announced in our newsletter. Make sure you're subscribed to our newsletters and add us to your contact list so they don't end up in your spam folder.

I have enough points! Why can't I redeem my points?

First, make sure you're signed in to your customer account prior to checking out. If, after signing in, the drop-down is still empty, please clear your browser's cache and cookies. After you do so, please sign back into your account and the drop-down menu to redeem your items will be under your cart on the "Customer Information" page.

What happens to my points if I make a return?

Reward points earned from the returned purchase will be deducted from your account. If you had redeemed points to purchase on a returned item, the points will be issued back to your points balance. Please allow 48 hours once your return has been processed for the reward points to appear in your account.

Can I earn points on past purchases?

Points will not be applied to orders placed before 7/15/2020. You can earn points on all future purchases when logged into your account.

How do I find my rewards discount code?

Once logged in, you can locate your redeemed discount codes by heading over to either the Live Healthy™ Rewards page or your customer account page. Then, click on the Rewards History button right below the points balance. There will be a pop-up displaying all your actions, points used and status which includes your discount code. If you need assistance, please click on the chat button on the bottom left of your screen or send us an email at [email protected], we would love to help!

Why has the discount code not been applied to my order total?

After you redeem your discount, you will need to copy the code that appears on your screen and paste it into the discount code field during checkout. You will receive an email with the discount code for your reference and in case you need to locate this code for future use, you can head over to either the Live Healthy™ Rewards page or your customer account page and click on the Rewards History button.

Why is my discount code not valid?

Unfortunately, you cannot combine multiple rewards in a single order. It's possible your code might not be valid if you have a free product in your cart. You can always use the discount code for a future order. Just head over to your rewards account and check your Rewards History if you need help finding the discount code. Rewards discounts cannot be combined with other discount codes.

How can I use my discount on my subscription?

Head over to the Live Healthy™ Rewards page and locate the 'Redeem for Subscription Discount' section. Select the discount that you wish to redeem and it will automatically be applied to your next subscription order which is noted right beside your points balance. Once the shipment date nears, your subscription order will be created and the discount will be applied. Please note, points are not automatically applied until you select 'Redeem'.

How do I know if I have earned the Birthday reward?

Head over to the Live Healthy™ Rewards page or your customer account page and locate the 'How to Earn Points' section. You may hover over each of the earning points campaign tiles for more information like how to earn points or if you have completed the earning campaign. Your birthday record will be stored in our Loyalty & Referrals Panel. Once you have earned your Birthday reward, you will receive an email notification. You can also check your Rewards History on the rewards page.

Why can't I see my points balance?

Potential reasons and solutions for rewards content from being displayed are the following:

1. Browser security settings are set to advanced or strict and need to be lowered.

For example, if you are using Firefox: Open Preferences > Privacy & Security > choose Standard protection and reload all tabs.

2. Ad blockers may be preventing your points balance from displaying. Locate any ad blockers and disable. Then, refresh your page.

3. Try clearing your cache or logging into your account using a different browser.

4. You may have an extension that is blocking the rewards content from being displayed.

For example, if you are using the DuckDuckGo extension, toggle the Site Privacy Protection to off and then refresh your page.

If you are still experiencing any issues, we want to help! Please click on the chat button below or send us an email at [email protected].