The Complete Guide To a Healthier Diet

The first step in transforming your life is cultivating a healthy diet. This guide will teach you how to do that. Everything from which diet to focus on and what healthy foods to eat, to a shopping guide and more.

Which Diet is Best?

There are many schools of thought on what type of diet is the best. Although there are a few unshakable principles, it has to be an individual’s choice.

Personally, I follow a plant-based diet, focusing on whole organic food. I believe that being too strict in one’s diet may lead to some challenges and even unhappiness, so I follow the 90/10 rule, eating strictly plant-based 90 percent of the time, with 10 percent allowed for the occasional consumption of raw goat or sheep cheese, but never meat or eggs.

After twenty years in the natural health industry, I know that following a plant-based diet that’s free of processed and packaged foods is the ultimate foundation for health and wellness.

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