Annual Fall Conference

September 13th & 14th, 2024 Dallas, TX

Attend in Person or Online

Tired of everyone talking about all the problems, but not giving many solutions?

YOU WILL LEARN… Time-Honored & Cutting-Edge Self-Healing Solutions!

  • Everything you need to know to confidently avoid hospitals!
  • How to disable nanotech, EMFs & 5G, plasmids, weaponized microbiomes and next gen genetic bioweapons that threaten us all!
  • Time-honored & Cutting-edge Self-Healing Solutions!
  • How you can save THOUSANDS of dollars in medical expenses every year!
  • How you can stay looking and FEELING younger than your years with simple secrets from the medicine God intended for us all!
  • The very latest research the Big 4 Docs are using to help people recover from injection injuries and infections that seem to never go away!
  • Skills & key questions so you can interview health professionals for the right to work with the people you love!
  • How your body is designed to heal, when you follow simple principles for producing more energy, consuming less waste, and cleaning your internal and external environments

Healing for the A.G.E.S. will give you simple solutions you can put into effect the moment you arrive back home.

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“I truly believe my purpose on this planet is to clean our environment and assist in the rise of consciousness so we can all live in a future filled with light, love, health, and happiness. The philosophy I follow is full body cleansing, clean, organic food, water, air, exercise, and nutritional supplementation.”

Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, NP

Wellness Driven by Innovation

My story begins like so many – with personal challenges. But those challenges led me to the way of natural healing, and a lifelong pursuit of better, cleaner living. After having lost both of my parents to cancer early in life, I decided to pursue a path of optimum personal health. I began educating myself on clean eating and herbal remedies, and committed to a plant-based diet. It was transformative in how I felt, and I knew I needed to dedicate my newfound knowledge to helping others who wanted to change their lives. Global Healing was born.

As a company, we now offer more than a quarter century of helping customers achieve better health. We are continually finetuning our product formulas, how we source supplement ingredients, and our manufacturing processes. After all that growth, we maintain our inclusive, friendly company culture; we’re still 100% family-owned and operated. No big pharma here! I lead Global Healing with an entrepreneurial spirit, combining science with time-tested alternative and complementary natural health knowledge.

If you want to change but aren’t sure where to begin, think of your health as a journey. I encourage you to spend time learning more about how you can heal yourself from within. We’re here to help, every step of the way.