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Houston and Dallas to be part of Natural Solutions Foundation’s Four City Freedom Tour

Written by Dr. Edward Group Founder
Natural Solutions Foundation

Our friends Doctor Rima and General Bert will be making stops in Dallas on April 28 and Houston on May 2 as part of the Natural Solutions Foundation's Four City Freedom Tour. They will be discussing an opportunity to purchase and rapidly grow a private, offshore Compounding Pharmacy and Nutraceutical Facility and other Tipping Point Projects designed to bring assets and values together. They believe you can make a profit while making a difference. This project will enable them to make available to holistic practitioners the nutrients and remedies that are getting more and more difficult to source in the USA or EU. These are important efforts and Global Healing Center supports the Natural Solutions Foundation in this mission.

For more information, including how to attend, visit or contact Ralph Fucetola or General Bert.

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