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The Secrets of Happiness

The Secrets of Happiness

A scientifically-proven path to creating real and lasting happiness

You will learn about the root cause of unhappiness, what creates a toxic body, and ultimately, the priceless foundations for a more joyful, elevated, and enriched life.

A scientifically-proven path to creating real and lasting happiness:

  • 8hr Course
  • 16 Video Lessons
  • 2 BONUS Video Lessons
  • 24/7 Chat Community To Connect With Other Students
  • Unlimited Online 24/7 Access

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Dr. Group

Happiness As A New Way of Being

Happiness does not have to be elusive, difficult, or fleeting. With the right tools and knowledge, happiness can become your natural state of being.

Dr. Group shares his 25+ years of research in treating and supporting thousands of people around the world. With chapters on mind, body, and soul-level healing, you will learn the methods for creating real balance in your life.

The goal of these teachings is to radically transform your perspective, heighten your spirituality, and give you a blueprint for a simple lifestyle that effortlessly creates more happiness.

What you will learn in this 100% online video course:

Lesson 1


Dr. Group sets the tone for this course with community meditation. Learn how to focus your mind in moments through a simple meditation that transports you inward. He will share why happiness is always present, waiting for you to access at any time.

Lesson 2

Groundwork & Framing Your Mindset For This Course

Dr. Group will expose the censored root causes of depression, anxiety, stress, fear, and all low-vibrational states you may be experiencing. Along with this awareness, you will learn about a simple new habit to switch your focus on generating the hormones, vibrations, and states that support happiness at any time.

Lesson 3

Happiness Starts in The Gut - The Science of Nutrition

In this foundational lesson, Dr. Group will explain the body’s natural biorhythms, your daily toxic intake, your natural stress responses, and what creates an unhealthy body. You will always think back to the wisdom you gained in this pivotal lesson and reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

Lesson 4

Internal Detoxing - How to Cleanse Your Body

In ‘The Root Cause of Disease’ course, Dr. Group thoroughly upacks the definitive and scientifically proven causes of disease. In this lesson, you will discover how these same exact principles apply to your emotional states.

When you begin shedding a lifetime of accumulated toxins in your liver, gut, brain, cells and organs, you will feel an ever-increasing level of happiness that transcends anything you may have experienced before. When you have a clean body, your mind is crisp and clear, capable of being aware of the blessings in your life. This significant discovery will lead to a level of personal empowerment that few know about in this world.

Lesson 5

External Detoxing Part 1 - Relationships & Boundaries

The wisdom Dr. Group shares in this lesson will transform every relationship in your life. Healthy boundaries begin from within and radiate outwards. When we take care of ourselves, we recognize how to form healthy conditions around us for respect, honesty, integrity, and love.

There is a saying in life, “we can only love others as much as we love ourselves.” While you deepen your path of self-care, you will find that others automatically start recognizing this new energy within you. The new elevated vibrations and frequencies that you emanate will attract new elevated outcomes for yourself and everyone around you.

Lesson 6

External Detoxing Part 2 - How to Detox Your Home

Your environment is directly related to your happiness. While most people are unaware of toxins, mold, pesticides, plastics, fungus, EMFs, and other harmful organisms in their home or work environments - This lesson will expose everything you’ve never been taught to consider before.

When you create a healthy external environment (through the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the products you keep in your home), you will enjoy a whole new level of joy.

Lesson 7

The Root Cause of Unhappiness - Detoxing The Mind

On average, humans have 60,000 thoughts per day; Of these, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive. Think about the ramifications of becoming aware of these patterns and how they influence your entire life.

In this life-changing lesson, Dr. Group unpacks how to shift your awareness and balance your nervous system to enjoy a completely new pattern of thought that will detox the sources of unhappiness at a neurological level.

Lesson 8

Gratitude, Manifesting, & Your Mindset

Gratitude is a powerful force, it generates incredibly high frequencies which naturally uplift everything around you. Dr. Group will shed light on serial complaining and why it is one of the most toxic traits.

He will then contrast the difference between a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset, and a scarcity mindset versus an abundance mindset. From a transformed state, your mind will activate entirely new patterns which will free you to see a broader picture of life and manifest transformed outcomes.

Lesson 9

The Magic of Smiling & Laughing

We’ve all heard that “laughter is the best medicine.” While it may feel like the simplest solution, and perhaps the most overlooked, it is also one of the most powerful secrets to happiness. The biology and science behind smiling and laughing is intricately intertwined with releasing specific hormones that heal, repair, and restore your body to a vibrant state. Everything shifts in life when we laugh and smile more!

Lesson 10

Win The Mornings ~ Daily Rituals & Routines

Dr. Group’s powerful “win the mornings” guidance will be one of the most significant strategies in your secrets to happiness toolkit. Our entire day is filled with rituals and routines, most of which are beyond our conscious awareness because they have become deeply engrained in our ways of being. Knowing how to generate a powerful new energy throughout your day will forever shift your life into a new direction. If you’ve ever wanted to break through any limiting habits and beliefs, this lesson is going to help you see instant results.

Lesson 11

Spiritual Abundance ~ Soul-Level Healing

As the most advanced chapter of this coursework, Soul is a powerful level of healing. Dr. Group will teach you how to look within, how to connect to source, and how to dissolve expectations for a deeper fulfillment in your life.

Breaking down the man-made classifications that divide us, this lesson will bring a new outlook on your happiness and take you to the highest levels of pure joy. When you align with your Soul, happiness will be infinite.

Lesson 12

Creating a NEW Consciousness ~ Overcome Negativity

Whether fortunately or unfortunately, our society is geared towards stress, anxiety, and negative thinking. As a survivalism instinct to always anticipate the worst, our proclivity will often prepare us for imaginary situations and amplify any negativity.

In this lesson, you will learn how to create a new type of awareness and initiate new habits that nurture happier thoughts and outcomes. This lesson is a breakthrough in the personal development field, a true secret to happiness!

Lesson 13

The Science of Mindfulness ~ Power of The Present Moment

Ekhart Tolle is well-known for his book, “The Power of Now,” where he states that there are no problems in the ever-present moment. But how does one truly achieve this state? And how does one maintain it?

In this lesson, you will learn how being in the Now is far easier than you may have thought possible. Dr. Group’s wisdom from his own personal practice will give you the knowledge, inspiration, and tools to move through life within the ease of being in the moment. This will carry into time spent with yourself, your loved ones, and in all experiences that are always unfolding around you.

Lesson 14

How to Meditate ~ A Step-by-Step Guide

Meditation and slowing down the mind is a healing practice with hundreds of proven benefits. While it may seem like a mystic or complex practice, this step-by-step guide will offer you one of the most powerful tools for generating happiness within you at any time, anywhere, and in any condition.

It takes practice, just like anything that is of value in life, but by opening your heart to allow in this wisdom from Dr. Group, you will be forever empowered to cultivate your own happiness for the rest of your life.

Lesson 15

The Power of Journaling ~ Unlocking Your Own Mind

After mastering the body, mind, and soul - Now we conclude with Chapter 4: Mastering the balance of all three.

In neurology (the study of the human mind), it is well-known that we only use a fraction of our true brain power. But what if you could unlock even more of your thoughts? Utilizing historical research on heiroglyphics, Dr. Group will explain how to develop your neural pathways and enhance your spiritual consciousness through the power of self-reflection.

Lesson 16

Thriving in Times of Chaos ~ A Great Awakening

While the world continues to hurtle into a future in chaos, this lesson will be one of the most potent for you. Dr. Group will guide you on how to develop the tools for self-sufficiency, survivalism, and thriving in times of uncertainty.

Despite what is going on around you, you will remain a steadfast anchor for your community. In this way, you will create a stabilizing energy for your friends, family, work connections, and others around you. As Ghandi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Lesson 17

Beginning Your New Life NOW

In closing, Dr. Group gives you everything he’s got with words of wisdom to embrace this new journey of elevated consciousness. He inspires you to claim your own happiness, manifest your highest dreams, and nurture a fully-shifted perspective.

Happiness is one of the highest vibrations on this planet and it will ripple through you and everything around you.

Join Millions Who Are Benefiting From The Secrets of Happiness

A scientifically-proven path to creating real and lasting happiness!

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