Kidney Cleanse Program™
Kidney Cleanse Program™
Kidney Cleanse Program™
Kidney Cleanse Program™
Kidney Cleanse Program™
Kidney Cleanse Program™
Kidney Cleanse Program™

Kidney Cleanse Program™

Complete & Natural Kidney Cleansing Program
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This complete kidney cleansing program offers a comprehensive approach to rejuvenating your renal system in a short time. Give your kidneys a boost with Plant-Based Kidney Health, facilitate toxin removal with Oxy-Powder, and boost the entire process with Turmeric. This four-day program is effective and powerful. Start your cleanse today!

  • Cleanses & Revitalizes the Kidneys

  • Promotes Urinary Tract Health

  • Supports Fluid & Water Balance in the Body

  • Year to Love It — One Year Money-Back Guarantee

What Is the Kidney Cleanse Program?

Health Benefits of the Kidney Cleanse Program

The Kidney Cleanse Program is a comprehensive plan to cleanse the kidneys, boost waste elimination, and soothe stressed, irritated tissue.

Supports Kidney Function

The kidneys filter impurities from your body. If they're not performing at normal efficiency, a buildup of toxins can result. This advanced program helps the kidneys work properly.

Helps to Dissolve Deposits

Hard deposits that occur in the urinary tract affect the bladder. Plant-Based Kidney Health contains ingredients like wildcrafted hydrangea that help dissolve deposits so they can pass with ease.

Promotes Hormone Balance

Healthy kidneys release important hormones that stimulate red blood cell production, support healthy blood pressure, and influence mood. Cleansing keeps the kidneys on track.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need the Kidney Cleanse Program

Supports Urinary Health – Young woman sitting on an outdoor patio and drinking a glass of water
Supports Urinary Health

Organic Cranberry, a key component of Plant-Based Kidney Health, strengthens, and protects the urinary tract.

Boosts Total Wellness – Man sitting on couch with laptop and a cup of tea
Boosts Total Wellness

Rejuvenating your kidneys boosts energy, supports a happy mood, and helps you feel lighter.

Cleanses the Intestinal Tract – Young man smiling with hands over his stomach
Cleanses the Intestinal Tract

Oxy-Powder clears waste so it doesn’t enter the bloodstream to be processed by the kidneys.

Promotes a Healthy Microbiota – Two females tossing a salad in the kitchen
Promotes a Healthy Microbiota

Turmeric is rich in antioxidants, which help to neutralize harmful free radicals that damage cells.

Regulates Fluid Balance – Middle-aged woman stretching outdoors
Regulates Fluid Balance

Healthy kidneys are important for maintaining fluid balance and avoiding water retention.

What's in the Kidney Cleanse Program

Plant-Based Kidney Health (2 fl oz) - Bottle

Plant-Based Kidney Health

1 Bottle

Plant-Based Kidney Health is an all-natural, organic Raw Herbal Extract™ that supports normal kidney function and a healthy urinary tract.

Oxy-Powder (120 Capsules) - Bottle


1 Bottle

Oxy-Powder is an oxygen-based intestinal cleanser that eliminates toxins and creates an environment where probiotics flourish.

Turmeric (2 fl oz) - Bottle


1 Bottle

Our Turmeric Raw Herbal Extract contains antioxidants that soothe and protect the kidneys.

Detailed Instructions (Kidney Cleanse Program)

Detailed Instructions

The program includes easy-to-follow instructions, and we’re here to support and help you.


What's Not in the Kidney Cleanse Program

No Alcohol
No Harsh Chemicals
Harsh Chemicals
No Dairy
No Gluten
No Soy
No Toxic Additives
Toxic Additives

Why the Kidney Cleanse Program Is Different

The Kidney Cleanse Kit provides everything you need to support your kidneys and take your healthy lifestyle to the next level.

Our Product
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Strategic Program

The Kidney Cleanse Program is a complete solution for kidney health. The individual products complement each other and support the kidneys, ease stressed tissues, and eliminate waste.

Bundled Products

There aren’t many kidney cleansing kits available. Many are simply multiple bottles of a singular product that do not have accompanying products to enhance the cleansing experience.


Both Plant-Based Kidney Health and Turmeric are made with our Raw Herbal Extract technology. It uses organic plant-based glycerin, not alcohol, to preserve the herbs with their vital nutrients and energy.

Contain Alcohol

Most herbal extracts are basic alcohol tinctures. Alcohol has a harsh, denaturing effect that destroys plant energy, produces a dull formula, and is toxic to normal kidney function.

Quality Assured

Our products are made at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona. We independently source every ingredient and use third-party testing to verify purity and potency.

Quality Unlikely

The majority of nutritional supplement companies purchase pre-made products of unknown quality from bulk production warehouses and simply change the label.

Free, VIP Support

Our mission is to help you be your best and we're here to prove it. This program includes a VIP support session with our award-winning Customer Satisfaction Team. Get advice from a trained professional who care about your success!

Figure It Out By Yourself

Most supplement companies view your interactions as transaction-based, not relationship-oriented. They don’t provide free support and they lack a team of trained experts on staff with the knowledge and experience to answer your questions.

Dr. Group's Advanced Tips for Success

Use Supportive Therapies

Therapies like chiropractic adjustments, massage, and sauna bathing all support the cleansing process. Get enough sleep and start your day by finding a quiet space, closing your eyes, and repeating an affirmation such as, “I am clean and healthy” nine times to elevate your mindset.

Supplement With Aloe

Aloe vera contains essential nutrients, enzymes, and amino acids that boost detoxification. A concentrated formula like Aloe Vera can support your cleanse, stimulate your immune system, and soothe stress throughout your body.

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