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The Root Cause of Disease

Dr. Group has evidence and confirmation of what causes every type of disease and how you can activate your self-healing mechanism. You will learn the secrets of medical freedom and how to elevate your overall health:

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Everyone has a self-healing mechanism inside their body.

Dr. Group and his team have evidence and confirmation of what causes any type of disease and how you can activate your body’s self-healing mechanism to heal and repair itself. Most doctors do not want you to know what he will uncover in this course, and what you are about to learn is the most closely guarded secrets of the world when it comes to medical freedom and your health.

What you will learn in this 100% online video course:

Lesson 1 – How my natural healing path began

Go back 25 years with Dr. Group and discover exactly what led him to where he is today and what set him on the path to natural healing. He talks about how one man changed the way he thought about pharmaceuticals and how it completely changed his mindset.

Lesson 2 – Return to the natural order of healing

Look back in history from the time when Christ was living up to the 1600s to gain an understanding of the natural order of healing and understand what the mission of science was during that time.

Lesson 3 – What controls your genes?

In this lesson Dr. Group will uncover how Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work changed medicine as we know it today. Discover the secret on how to truly repair your genes to prevent disease and to reactivate your body’s self-healing mechanism.

Lesson 4 – Influences on your genes – Part 1

Dr. Masaru Emoto did various tests and research with genes and how different things in life can have positive or negative effects to those genes. Learn about the different effects your genes will have from being exposed to things from music to positive thoughts.

Lesson 5 – Influences on your genes – Part 2

In the second part of this lesson, you will learn how Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered the most damaging thing to our bodies within water and how you can avoid it to live a healthier and more energetic life.

Lesson 6 – Where do toxins enter your body?

You will uncover the ultimate secret to health in life, and what the most overlooked medical epidemic in the world is. Your body is taking in over a million toxins on a daily basis. Learn what the first thing that is exposed to all these toxins before anything else in your body and how you can start to cleanse it today.

Lesson 7 – The types of toxins entering your body

In this lesson Dr. Group will take you through the different types of harmful toxins that are entering your body on a daily basis. He will then show you how to eliminate these toxins and keep them from entering your body.

Lesson 8 – The biggest source of toxicity is food: Pt 1

Dr. Group will show you the negative and harmful effects from things such as genetically modified foods, flour, gluten, pesticides found on food, and even how harmful meat can be to your body. He will teach you how to find better quality foods to help restore your internal environment, your body.

Lesson 9 – The biggest source of toxicity is food: Pt 2

In this lesson you will uncover the one thing that is affecting your behaviors, emotions, and even sleep cycles. How many people do you know that have mood swings or can’t sleep at night? Dr. Group will teach you how to avoid this one harmful toxin that will change the way you feel and act for the rest of your life.

Lesson 10 – Toxic liquids

Discover the different types of drinks that are available to us on a daily basis and their harmful effects to our bodies. You will also learn how to get rid of the toxins found in the water you drink every day and how to start giving your body toxin and chemical free water.

Lesson 11 – How to get rid of parasites in your body

You will discover how 90% of the world’s population is infested with parasites and harmful organisms. Dr. Group will take you through what he has found in his research on how you can eliminate these harmful parasites from your body.

Lesson 12 – The effects of emotional, physical and spiritual stress

See what Dr. Group has discovered through research and how your emotions can affect you on a minute-to-minute basis. In this course you will learn how to adjust your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being to create a better internal environment for your body and raise your body’s healing vibrations.

Lesson 13 – Electromagnetic fields and external stressors

Understand the effects that common objects such as cell phones, televisions, microwaves and computers can have on your body and how it can cause serious health issues. In this lesson Dr. Group will open your eyes on how you can identify and reduce your exposure to these harmful things in your environment to live a healthier life.

Lesson 14 – Blocked neurological feedback systems contributing to disease

Learn how different parts of your body are connected to your organs and how if something is out of position through trauma or even sleeping wrong can cause illness by being a weak link to your body.

Lesson 15 – How to get rid of excess toxins

Most people in this world are surrounded by millions of toxins on a daily basis and aren’t aware of it. Our bodies are constantly absorbing all these toxins, and often times have no way to get rid of them. Learn the reason why 99% of people are suffering from multiple health conditions and how to fix it.

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