Better Digestion Is A Click Away!

        Best way to feel better fast

        "Do yourself the kindest favour and try it. Absolutely love this kit so much. It’s so easy to assimilate into a daily practice. I noticed very obvious things about day 4 like eyes clearer and smell and taste had heightened."

        - William L.

        Fast results

        "My husband has struggled with gut issues for awhile, within a couple of days on these vitamins (dairy free and clean food) he is feeling great. Bloating and gas are gone!! I’m also doing it and needed help after recently having a baby. Usually I struggle with my weight for MONTHS and this time I’ve lost 5lbs in 2 weeks with a newborn. I only wish

        it was a little less expensive so we could stay on the vitamins!"

        - Mary

        Amazing Product

        "Amazing more bloating and gas. I have used their Oxy Powder for a few years now and that in itself is a great product. All four of these products together are truly amazing."

        - Regina

        Organic Super Greens

        This is not your average powder - containing 15 raw, nutrient-packed sprouts for sustained energy and better digestion!

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        Pure Plant Protein

        A clean and delicious source of protein with every scoop! Plant-powered with pure ingredients, getting enough protein has never been easier!

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        Organic Mushroom Blend

        A blend for better health! containing a full spectrum of bioactive compounds to support daily health, sports performance, and recovery.

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        *Exclusions: Limited to ten of each item per customer. Excludes reseller orders. Offer expires January 23, 2023, at 11:59pm CST. Order processing may be delayed 1-2 days during this promotion. Order must include Gut Health Kit and Gut Health Course to receive discount ($100 off). Discount applies only to Gut Health Kit and Gut Health Course purchased together. This discount may not be applied to any orders completed after the sale has ended or retroactively to any orders made before the start of the sale. Offer valid only on Free shipping applies to orders shipped within the US only.