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Vote YES on I-522: The Fight for GMO Labeling

Written by Dr. Edward Group Founder

Voters in Washington state are being given an amazing opportunity. The November 5 ballot contains an initiative, I-522, that will require genetically engineered food to be labeled. This is an incredible chance for Washington citizens to regain control and full disclosure of what they're putting into their bodies! Who wouldn't want that? Well, a number of food producers – that's who. If they're required to tell you that their products are the result of an experiment, rather than nature, you may reach for a banana instead of a food pellet, and that means they'll lose money. There are a lot of voices and players in this game right now and it's important to know who is on which side. To help, check out the infographic below.

I-522 Infographic

If you're in Washington state, please leave a comment and tell us what the political climate is like right now. Which way will you vote?

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