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Vegan Diet

Once children start consuming solid food, life-long eating habits begin to take root. What they learn from parents, friends, and others will shape the way they eat. This means that even when a child is young, nutritional education is extremely important for laying the groundwork for their habits and health. And, the evidence is clear, children who consume a nutritious diet at a young age are likely to stick with it and have a greater chance of avoiding health concerns later on in life. There is no question that a […]

People who are beginning to implement more vegan foods into their diet are usually concerned with the nutritional give-and-take that happens when you exclude certain types of food. Specifically, when it comes to cutting out dairy, most people are concerned with how that will affect their calcium intake. The good news is that vegan sources of calcium certainly do exist (more…)

Health awareness is increasing and so is the demand for healthy and nutritious food choices. Arguably, many prepackaged and processed food options unnecessarily pollute the can-be-simple process of providing our bodies with nutrition. In response, many people look to whole, raw foods that have traditional appreciation. Here are four incredible superfoods that can benefit just about anyone’s diet. Best Superfoods for Your Diet 1. Chia Seeds Chia seeds are a traditional food in central and South America and, yes, these are the same seeds known for the association with the […]

Is a vegan or vegetarian diet the healthiest diet you can follow? Researchers, doctors, celebrities and the health conscious routinely argue its pluses and minuses... it can be very confusing! Relax, and allow the following 10 facts outline some of the definitive benefits of following a vegetarian or vegan diet. (more…)

The term "superfood" has been used to describe practically every natural food and health food item under the sun these past few years. With the term’s constant use (and misuse) in advertising, food marketing, and the media, it’s no wonder why there is so much confusion surrounding superfoods. The term isn’t regulated and can be attributed to practically anything – a fact that many big-name food product manufacturers take pleasure in exploiting. (more…)