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Photos of Our Pyramid Greenhouse at Earth Harmony Organics Ranch

Written by Dr. Edward Group Founder

I wanted to post a picture of the new pyramid greenhouse we are currently building at Earth Harmony Organics Ranch. When completed, our greenhouse will be 18x18 feet at the bottom and approximately 26 feet high.

Through 30 years of experimentation with different shapes and angles, the Victory Garden Greenhouse was conceived by Tom Doutt Enterprise, LLC. This Greenhouse generates an energy field that allows plants to have a harmonic balance, that encourages exceptionally fast growth and abundance. We wanted to have a space to grow our own organic vegetables, without having to worry about the deer or Texas heat, and the Victory Garden Greenhouse was the perfect solution!

To enhance the energy and growth rate, the apex includes a quartz crystal sphere, 9 Concentric Rings and the Universal Generator. The 3-Point Zero Universal Generator emits an added energy level that is beneficial to and enhances plant growth. The Universal Generator is suspended within the 9 Concentric Rings at the top of the pyramid.

A Photo of Our Pyramid Greenhouse:

Pyramid Greenhouse at Farm

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