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Written by Dr. Edward Group Founder

As most of us know, a new world of commerce and technology has been born with the advent of Google and Facebook, the iPhone and Android. In this context, I would like to introduce you to, a new social network/search engine/real-time-news platform that caters exclusively to the health, wellness, nutrition and complementary-and-alternative medicine market.

You might say that what Google, Facebook and WebMD provide for their users, NutraSpace customizes and tailors to the needs and requirements of the natural health and wellness space. Over two-thirds of Americans use some form of nutritional supplementation. 83% of Internet users, according to CNN, have used the Web to search for health information. There is a real need for a site like NutraSpace that provides valuable and timely health data while forming a community with a common interest in health. The company is also launching Android, Kindle iPhone and iPad versions of its flagship applications. Their goal is to be the leader in mobile and desktop online health.

One of my friends is an investor in NutraSpace and I have myself been invited to serve on their Advisory Board. For the present, I have informed them that I will provide a company overview on my blog. NutraSpace is based in Dallas but has an office in the Woodlands. They are looking for assistance in meeting their growth objectives. If you have an interest in helping to build NutraSpace, please contact Larry Deckerhoff at their Woodlands office at 713-492-9267 or email the company at

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