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Indoor Air Quality

Sick building syndrome refers to ailments that occur as a result of spending long periods of time in well-sealed, poorly ventilated buildings that contain indoor air toxins. In 1984, the World Health Organization reported that the materials used in up 30% of newly built buildings might cause acute illness. [1] That means that, as of 1984, almost a third of all buildings were contaminated with harmful products! Unfortunately, with the continued use of synthetic building materials, the situation has only gotten worse. (more…)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately 76 million people become ill from pathogens in food each year in the United States.[1] What causes this high occurrence of foodborne illness? Most commonly, it's caused by bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella, that is present in your kitchen. In fact, the kitchen is home to more harmful bacteria and germs than the bathroom![2] Meat and poultry products are the usual culprits of foodborne bacteria, although it is not always because they were raw or undercooked. Sometimes, they […]

On Tuesday, December 13, 2011, I joined Nancy Desjardins, founder and author of HealthLady.com, for a live telecast where I shared my organic methods on identifying and eliminating toxins from the home. (more…)

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Back in December I joined Nancy Desjardins, founder and author of HealthyLady.com, for a telecast entitled, "Is Your Home Making You Sick?". We discussed recognizing and avoiding common toxins that exist in many homes, including chemicals, heavy metals, and radiation. This telecast was so well received that we decided to add a sequel. (more…)

While it’s safe to say we love our pets, we might not feel the same way about their dander. An allergy to dander (the dead skin pets shed) is common, yet understanding and finding relief from pet allergies is a little more complicated. Reactions to dander are more than nasal irritation, they really start in our immune system. [1] A healthy immune system seeks out foreign bodies and works to get rid of them. When you have pet allergies, you have a hypersensitive immune system. (more…)