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Help Get the F Out of Austin

Written by Dr. Edward Group Founder

The fluoridation of our public water supply is continuing to elude many unsuspecting citizens, most of whom are being drugged with the neurotoxin without their knowledge. While the intentions of fluoridation may be good, its outdated use from misguided officials is consistently poisoning our bodies and our planet. In Austin, Texas, efforts are underway by me and other health professionals and medical doctors to urge the City Council to stop fluoridation of water.

You can also get involved in this grassroots program to help finally end the proliferation of this and other chemicals by visiting the IndiGogo campaign's website to contribute. Any donation, no matter how small, helps to fuel efforts to get our message out on conventional media airways, like television and radio, about the importance of banning fluoride in the city's water. As a thank you for your contribution, you will receive a natural health product, many of which come directly from Global Healing! Simply visit the IndiGogo campaign and contribute. Your dollar counts and will help us to communicate the importance of avoiding fluoride at all costs. If you are concerned with the forced administration of fluoride on the public, it's time to make your voice heard!

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