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Body Cleansing Diet

Bioavailability is the proportion of a nutrient the human body is able to absorb and use. You might think that when you eat an apple every iota of vitamin A, every antioxidant, and every mineral it contains is used by your body with total efficiency, but that’s not exactly the case.[1] (more…)

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How do you decide what to eat? Think about what influences your decision. Nutrition, taste, health, cultural preferences and taboos, regional specialties, availability, personal preference, dietary restrictions... advertising? All of these can play a part, but for now, let’s focus on that last one. (more…)

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Agribusiness, as an industry, developed a food production system that often ignores what food is really all about: nutrition, health, and flavor. The voice of those of us who are not interested in so-called conventional farming is increasing. We're not interested in consuming chemicals, toxins, or GMOs. What are we interested in? Organic food. Why? Simply put: it's better. Top Reasons to Eat Organic Foods Here are six reasons why you should make it a point to consume organic whenever possible. 1. No GMOs Genetically modified food is an unnatural […]

Every five years, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) releases updated dietary guidelines that are designed to shape the way Americans look at food and nutrition. The purpose of these recommendations is to promote health, prevent chronic disease, and help people maintain a healthy weight. National nutrition policies and dietary programs for schools and the elderly are formed based on these guidelines. If you’ve followed these updates, you’re probably aware that only a few minor changes have been made each revision. And each time, these dietary guidelines appear to […]