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Centuries ago, a rose treasured for its decorative beauty was found to have healing properties and has played an important role in society ever since. Rosa Damascena Mill, also known as Damask Rose, is best known as the flower that we just call a rose. It is cultivated all across the world and used for religious ceremonies, fragrance, flavor, and even medicine. Rose water, or the “hydrosol” of the rose, is made by crushing and distilling Damask rose petals to produce essential oil. (more…)

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, often shortened to HBOT, uses a special pressurized chamber, called a hyperbaric chamber, to increase oxygen levels in the blood. It’s also known as oxygen therapy, hyperbaric treatment, and hyperbaric therapy. The US Navy uses it to treat decompression sickness. HBOT has also become popular with athletes as a way to speed recovery from injury. [1] Athletes known to use HBOT include Tim Tebow, Hines Ward, tennis star Novak Djokovic, and UFC fighter Urijah Faber. [2] [3] (more…)

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