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The wondrous experience of birth is often destroyed by the routine practice of medicine, with many medical professionals and mothers alike assuming that birth needs pharmaceutical interventions (i.e., epidural). In reality, nothing could be further from the truth! While there are certainly instances when assistance is required, the vast majority of births do not require medical intervention. Still, a natural birth can be successful and rewarding for many mothers. (more…)

Recently, a tick named after the state of Texas has been identified as the cause of meat allergies for at least 1,500 people in the United States. The lone star tick, which is most commonly found in the southeastern US, can actually manipulate the immune system of its victims, causing them to suffer allergic reactions to meat and some other animal products. [1] (more…)

Pygeum herb is derived from the bark of the special evergreen­ tree called Prunus africana that grows in mountainous regions of Sub–Saharan Africa. The herb might have been known among natives of southern Africa – having used it to support the bladder and urinary tract – as early as the 1700s. The botanical term Pygeum, of Greek origin, means "buttock," mostly because of the rounded shape of the fruit. Researchers have discovered a few key phytochemical constituents (phytosterols, triterpenes, and ferulic esters, just to name a few) inherent to Pygeum […]

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