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Yoga is that eastern practice involving odd positions and stretches that may seem slightly strange, though many people swear by once they've tried it. It's well known to be relaxing and a healthy way to exercise. However, there are also lots of wild claims about it. What's true and what isn't? Fortunately, there has been scientific research on the topic of yoga, and with excellent results. So, we don't need to rely on claims. Rather, let's take a look at six proven benefits of yoga. (more…)

There's an initiative on Washington's November 5 ballot that deserves our attention. It's I-522 and it will require that genetically engineered foods be labeled. If you're in Washington, it's very important to understand the opportunity that's being presented. If you're not in Washington, it's important to follow this initiative as it's sure to set the tone for the other states that follow. The fight to require full disclosure from the food companies has been long and hard but this is the chance we've been waiting for. Let's take advantage of […]

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Voters in Washington state are being given an amazing opportunity. The November 5 ballot contains an initiative, I-522, that will require genetically engineered food to be labeled. This is an incredible chance for Washington citizens to regain control and full disclosure of what they're putting into their bodies! Who wouldn't want that? Well, a number of food producers – that's who. If they're required to tell you that their products are the result of an experiment, rather than nature, you may reach for a banana instead of a food pellet, […]

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The human body needs folate, or vitamin B9, for several essential functions. Folate activates, synthesizes, and repairs DNA. It converts homocysteine, which you don't want too much of, into methionine, an essential amino acid. Vitamin B9 also aids cell division, is required for red blood cell production, stimulates neural transmitters, and is essential for proper fetal development. Needless to say, you need this stuff. (more…)

Smartweed, also known as Polygonum hydropiperoides, is a plant that grows in low, wet environments throughout North and South America. Smartweed possesses powerful nutritional properties that have been traditionally used for respiratory support, to relieve bloating, and for gastrointestinal distress. The recognized benefits of smartweed are not exclusive to herbal or traditional therapies, either. Recent studies have confirmed the numerous positives that natural healers have known about for years. (more…)

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