Vitamin C
Vitamin C
Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Organic, Full-Spectrum Formula

Suggested Use

Shake bottle well. Take 2 ml 1-2 times daily or as recommended by your healthcare provider.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 ml
Serving Per Container: About 30
Per Serving
% DV
Organic Vitamin C (from organic acerola cherry (fruit), amla extract (fruit), organic blackcurrant extract (fruit))‡ 180 mg 200%

Other Ingredients: organic vegetable glycerin, triple-distilled biophotonic structured water, organic plant essence blend (organic rosehip, organic sweet orange, organic lemon), ormus supercharged minerals.

*Orgen-CR®, and Orai-BC' are trademarks of Orgenetics, Inc®

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Our plant-based, organic vitamin C is a revolutionary blend of organic acerola cherry, amla, and blackcurrant extracts and is packed with bioflavonoids and polyphenols! The new and improved liquid formula now has a darker color. Our vitamin C is a full-spectrum, organic formula that supports immune function, collagen and protein production, and a healthy response to inflammation.

  • Immune Support

  • Strong Antioxidant

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Year to Love It — One Year Money-Back Guarantee


What Is Vitamin C?

Health Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an important nutrient that's a must for a healthy immune system, strong connective tissue, good cardiovascular health, and more.

Supports the Immune System

Your immune system uses vitamin C to produce and mobilize white blood cells so you can stay healthy all year long.

Healthy Connective Tissue

Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen, which makes up connective tissue in skin, cartilage, tendons, and blood vessels.

Cardiovascular Health

Collagen supports healthy blood vessels and, thus, normal blood pressure. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that protects heart health.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need Vitamin C

Promotes Brain Function

Vitamin C helps produce neurotransmitters that we rely on for normal memory, mood, and cognitive function.

Healthy Inflammatory Response

As a naturally strong antioxidant, vitamin C supports the body’s normal response to inflammation.

Facilitates Energy Production

Vitamin C helps the body make L-carnitine, an amino acid that mitochondria use to create energy.

Complete Vitamin C Complex

This organic formula provides a full vitamin C complex with supportive cofactors and conutrients

Organic, Plant-Based Formula

The plants used to make this liquid formula are among the richest natural sources of vitamin C.

Preserving the Essence of Natural Ingredients

MIRON’s violet glass is biophotonic glass packaging. Its unique properties filter light to both protect and revitalize natural ingredients, which extends their shelf life. Violet glass is created at their European facilities, by combining the latest cutting-edge production techniques with the best of centuries-old glass blowing traditions.

Watch the video to learn more.

What's in Plant-Based Vitamin C?

Organic Vitamin C

What's Not in Vitamin C

No Alcohol
No Harsh Chemicals
Harsh Chemicals
No Dairy
No Gluten
No Soy
No Toxic Additives
Toxic Additives

Why Vitamin C Is Different

Made with natural plant essences and Ormus Supercharged Minerals, this USDA certified organic, plant-based, liquid vitamin C is the most bio-friendly formula available.

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Organic & All-Natural

This supplement is made with vitamin C extracted from organic fruit and botanicals that are among the richest sources of vitamin C, including acerola cherry, amla, and blackcurrant.


Most vitamin C supplements are synthetically produced from GMO ingredients. These artificial vitamins are poorly recognized and absorbed by your body. Many also contain unnatural fillers, artificial flavors, sweeteners, and colors.

Complete Vitamin C

In nature, vitamin C is a biological complex — a collection of plant chemicals that all work together. Our plant-based formula provides this complete form of vitamin C with supportive cofactors and conutrients for highly bioavailable nutrition.


Compared to plant-sourced nutrition, synthetic vitamin C is “incomplete” as it only contains ascorbic acid, which is just one component of vitamin C. Lesser supplements do not have the complex that’s available in this plant-based formula.

Easy, Convenient Liquid Formula

This fast-absorbing liquid formula has a tart, grapefruit-like flavor and is a great way to get your daily fill of vitamin C. It goes down easy and you can even mix it in your water or smoothie.


Many vitamin C supplements are in the form of large pills that are hard to swallow, chalky tablets that are poorly absorbed, or mix-in powders that don’t fully dissolve or taste good.

Tips for Taking Vitamin C

Total Strategy

Make It Part of Your Total Strategy

Make sure you're meeting your daily requirements for the other nutrients that support the immune system, including zinc and vitamin D.

Total Strategy

Take It Daily

Our bodies don’t produce or store vitamin C. Adult males should get a minimum of 90 mg of vitamin C per day, and adult females should get at least 75 mg.

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