The Power of Fasting: The Key to Healing the Body, Mind, and Soul
The Power of Fasting: The Key to Healing the Body, Mind, and Soul

The Power of Fasting: The Key to Healing the Body, Mind, and Soul

How to Harness the Power of Fasting
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What if you had the power to transform your health completely? Fasting — an ancient healing method — could be your key to sustained weight loss, unmatched energy, health regeneration, and natural wellness. Published in 2020, Dr. Group's "The Power of Fasting" explores the incredible potential that fasting holds and teaches you how to master this technique in your own life.

  • 15 Chapters That'll Teach You Everything About Fasting

  • Get Insight Into Which Method Is Right for You

  • Find Out How Fasting Can Transform Your Health

  • Learn Tips for Success & Mistakes to Avoid

What Is The Power of Fasting?

Benefits of The Power of Fasting

Fasting is one of the most effective ways to transform your health — and it’s all covered in this book.

Discover the Benefits of Fasting

If you want a serious reset of your physical and mental health, fasting is the way to go. Done properly, it refreshes your mind and rejuvenates your body — all the way to your cells.

Learn How to Fast Safely

Fasting isn’t hard, but there are things to know in order to do it safely. In this book, Dr. Group covers the must-know details and explains how to start, conduct, and break a fast.

Elevate Your Healthy Living

Whether you are a healthy living enthusiast who wants to reach new heights or a newbie who seeks healing and doesn’t know where to start, fasting can work for you.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need The Power of Fasting

Prepare Your Mind – Man resting in office leaning back in chair with his eyes closed.
Prepare Your Mind

Fasting is as much mental as it is physical. Dr. Group provides advice and tips to get your head in the game.

Find the Right Fast for You – Woman drinking a glass of orange juice.
Find the Right Fast for You

Intermittent, juice, water-only — there are many ways to fast. Dr. Group describes each one and its benefits.

Do It the Right Way – Man biking in park.
Do It the Right Way

Fasting isn’t just not eating. There are right ways to do it, and mistakes to avoid. Dr. Group covers it all.

Fasting & Weight Loss – Woman smiling in front of a mirror.
Fasting & Weight Loss

While fasting shouldn’t be viewed as a crash diet, proper techniques promote a healthy body weight.

Gain Insight Into Advanced Fastting – Man reading on tablet.
Gain Insight Into Advanced Fasting

Get a detailed account of the transformation Dr. Group experienced during his own 18-day water fast.

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